About Us

Established in September


We are a co-educational International Christian day and boarding school that is set out to raise intellectual Ambassadors for Christ. Our goal is to raise scholars who are driven by godly principles to achieve excellent performance in their academic and career pursuits.

A tested and trusted brand of over two decades.

We are led by a management team that possesses a combined education sector experience of over a century. Members of our workforce are professionals in their respective fields and are driven by a continuous improvement mindset and equipped towards meeting /exceeding the varied needs of our students and parents.

One of the legacies parents and schools should collaboratively bequeath to their children and students is a high quality education, to facilitate the fulfilment of their life’s purpose and indeed add value to the world within their ‘sphere of influence.’

Invest your resources and partner with our school, CAIC to provide the right academic and moral foundation for your children. We remain a school driven by the values of Excellence and Integrity. We walk our talk.

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Our academic policy

At Christ Ambassadors International College, our academic policy is designed to ensure that the content delivered, and the formative and summative assessments conducted enable our students to think, ask relevant questions, and take initiative.

Also, our students are enabled to be confident as they explore and exchange ideas with others. This is achievable through the deployment of top-grade resources that influence learning styles and teaching methods in addition to exposing our students to standardised examinations.

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Our students are expected to take...

Active Learning

On average, every student takes between 30-35 hours of active class work per week, supported by an additional 3-6 hours of individualised problem-solving sessions.

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Continuous Assessments

Our students are expected to take periodic class tests, assignments, research, and project work. This is in addition to lesson-based evaluation exercises designed to enable students to sharpen their thinking skills and recall what has been taught.

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The main examination comes up towards the end of each term. The promotion examinations come up towards the end of the session and the marks obtainable are a cumulative of the scores for three terms.

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Our academic curriculum

The enhanced academic curriculum of the college is a super-blend of the Nigerian and British curricular premised upon the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria. Its delivery by our highly motivated and carefully selected content area specialists lays a rock-solid foundation for the academic pathways of the students, and is intentionally designed to raise a new-breed generation of independent critical thinkers and life-long learners who will not only engender a mindset of enquiry, creativity and discovery, but confident and enthusiastic community of learners who strive as first-class solution providers in whatever they do and wherever they find themselves.

On average, every learner takes between 30-35 hours of active class work per week, supported by an additional 3-6 hours of individualised problem-solving sessions. The synergy between teachers, house parents, family and class mentors provide a close-knit relationship wherein, through careful monitoring of every learner’s academic activities, academic needs are discovered and attended to urgently. 

The learning enhancement schemes of the college include Saturday School programme where emphasis is on repetition and problem-solving with reference to work done within the week. This is further supported by Booster Classes for boarders only in which no more than three core subject areas are considered per boarder on Saturday, after Saturday School, for the purpose of effectiveness.

The after school academic programme of the college provides support Monday to Thursday for an additional one hour daily and gives students the opportunity to elicit deeper understanding. Daily early morning Remediation Classes are provided to students to improve in specific content areas at no extra cost to parents.

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Year 7 — Year 9

Subjects offered

Year 7 — Year 9 (Junior Secondary 1- 3)

These subjects are tested at the State and National levels after 3 (three) years of tuition

Social Studies
Agricultural Science
Basic Science
Basic Technology
Information Computer Technology
Fine Art
Home Economics
Christian Religious Knowledge
Business Studies
Type Writing
Physical and Health Education
Year 10 — Year 12

Subjects offered

Year 10 — Year 12 (Senior Secondary 1- 3)

These subjects are tested at the State and National levels after 3 (three) years of tuition

Technical Drawing
Further Mathematics
Financial Accounting
Agricultural Science
Information Computer Technology
Food and Nutrition
Visual Arts
Christian Religious Knowledge
Auto Mechanics
Data Processing

Our examination standards

Examinations written in Christ Ambassadors International College

Cambridge International Assessment’s Checkpoint Examination

Junior School Certificate Examination by NECO

State-based Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

Junior Secondary School

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

West African Senior School Certificate Examination

Senior Secondary School

National Examinations Council’s Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE)

Our well-resourced PSAT / SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and DELF classes provide one-on-one interaction for students looking to acquire scholastic experience outside the shores of Nigeria.

The Quality Assurance and Appraisal System of the college ensures that best industrial standards are applicable in the delivery of the quality of work of both learners and teachers. Excellence and integrity in academic work, two very important core values of the school, are often rewarded with special badges and recognition.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to discuss with the Management of the college on the academic fortunes of their children/wards with a view to mutually agreeing on ways and means of improving performance.

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