Our community

From humble beginnings to the thriving institution we are today, our school has always stood as a beacon of excellence, guided by an unshakable foundation in Christ. As a result, our story is interwoven with several brilliant minds that have passed through the school and gone on to be intellectual Ambassadors for Christ. This community is filled with brilliant, talented, and passionate alumni that embody the very essence of our mission. This community often feeds back into the institution and boasts many benefits for both alumni and students

Alumni benefits

Rekindle Old Friendship

See and reconnect with old mates!

Invitation to Social Events

Make new connections and network with other alumni at frequently held social events

Career  Mentorship

Grow and provide the opportunity for others to grow by bringing your expertise to the table!

Professional Networking

Members of the alumni body live and work across the global continent. Therefore you have the opportunity of building an international professional network.

Class of 2023 Graduation

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Take a step forward to bringing your God-given talents, strengths, and kindness back towards the school, pay your efforts forward, and contribute to the growing legacy of CAIC!

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