Campus Insights

Boarding and hostels

We have services intentionally designed and delivered by our compassionate and loving male and female members of the workforce known as ‘house parents.’ They stand as a proxy for our parents to give all boarding students a delightful experience of a ‘true home, away from home.’ 

House parents passionately ensure a very hygienic environment and friendly social climate are provided in the hostel. The hostel is a home that has zero% tolerance for bullying and other forms of anti-social behaviour. Students are taught to be their brother and sister’s keepers and encouraged to leverage on the effective relationship they create in CAIC when they join the larger society; upon the completion of their academic pursuit.   

We hold children-teenagers need-based service in the school on Sundays and allied life enriching spiritual programmes on Saturdays, coordinated by God-fearing, matured, dedicated and caring team which includes the Chief Executive Officer, School Chaplain, Management, teachers and house parents. 

The hostel department handles the laundry chores of students in years 7, 8 and 9 while years 10, 11 and 12 handle their laundry chores as part of a strategy to train them as well as take responsibility for their personal hygiene.

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Support services

Our Kitchen-Refectory department is managed by a progressive and highly experienced team which provides sumptuous, safe and health-friendly meals approved by the school authority; with quality assurance measures that must be strictly adhered to. 

There are four boreholes on the school premises from which water is sourced. Besides, the school has a water treating machinery for ensuring that the quality of water all members of the school community drink consistently meets highest purity standards. We have constant supply of electricity from Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) and a total of six (6) power generating sets for meeting various capacity needs of both day and boarding students.

There is also a school clinic manned by a qualified nurse and a back-up health facility; sister organisation (Zoe Specialist Mission Hospital) located less than a 5 minutes’ drive away from the school premises. 

There are intelligent and resilient security operatives at work round the clock and year, with a back-up security team of Oluyole Estate community and law enforcement agencies within a radius average of 300 metres. This is aside from modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) devices deployed for surveillance, intelligence gathering and ensuring effective and efficient performance.

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Pastoral support

We provide care services to our student body (day and boarding students) as a strategic aid to the effective and efficient execution of the school’s teaching and learning mandate.

These services include;

Academic and career mentoring
Family mentoring
International citizenship coaching
Moral behaviour coaching
Self Leadership
Relationship management development

School activities

The Parent-Teacher Forum

A key opportunity for parents/guardians to learn more about their wards, new developments and school updates, ensuring their voices are heard and decisions represented in CAIC’s growth.

Open Day

is held once every term during which time parents/guardians meet one-on-one with teachers to look closely at the academic performance of their children/wards.

The CEO’s Outing

This is a highly cherished culture that is enjoyed by all chapel workers of the college. At the close of the session, they have the chance to be taken out of school for a dinner with the Founder and Visionary of the college. It is a way of recognizing and rewarding hard work

Boarder's House Production

Our boarders showcase their boundless creativity with a display of talent in song, dance, and theatre.

Candle Night

Our boarders showcase their boundless creativity with a display of talent in song, dance, and theatre.

Christmas Carol

As Christmas approaches every year, we come together to celebrate through song, merriment, and dance. It’s always a day to remember.

Interhouse Sports Competition

Adrenaline-pumping action and friendly rivalry comes to CAIC every year, as students cheer on their teams and revel in the spirit of sportsmanship

Ambassadors Debate

A day for celebrating eloquent and witty arguments on pressing issues, by allowing debaters take centre stage.

Cultural Day

A day for the vibrant celebration of diversity, traditions, and unity. We immerse ourselves in a kaleidoscope of cultures on this day every year.

Prize Giving and Awards

An avenue to recognize excellence and hard work, our Prize Giving and Awards ceremony honours outstanding achievements at the end of very session.

Valedictory Service

An event for bidding farewell to our remarkable graduating students by honouring them at the Valedictory Service.

Children's Day Celebration

A key yearly celebration, we use this day to celebrate the children and their youth with fun, games, and smiles.

Founder's Day Celebration

Every year, we mark the founding of CAIC, reflect on our rich heritage and commemorate the values that shape us.

Career Week

This event helps students explore careers matching their interests and skills, aiding them in developing enthusiasm and making informed choices about their future career paths.

Student leadership

Our warm school community provides a dynamic opportunity for Year 11 students transitioning to Year 12 to take up leadership roles in various capacities every academic year with the intention of grooming them as great leaders for now and the future. Aspiration and /or qualification for any one of these is based on an excellent academic achievement and a corresponding input in good behaviour and the observance of all ethos of the college.

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Our professional (career) counselling unit assists students to maximise their potential by ensuring they stick to their areas of comparative advantage and are never left in the dark on career choices. Overseas scholarship opportunities are also sought for those who show exceptional brilliance. We are indeed a home away from home. It is always a remarkable experience being a part of this global community.

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At Christ Ambassadors International College wearing of the designated uniform is compulsory, as it creates a sense of belonging in the school. The students wear their school uniforms from Monday to Thursday. On a Friday, a branded polo T-shirt on a blue jean becomes the dress code and for Saturday School, the dress code is white and black. A designated house-wear is provided for the boarding students every session. The students are part of the committee that chooses and designs our beautiful house wears.

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