Clubs and Societies

The need to excite our students and extend the learning experience outside the classroom is further strengthened via our clubs and societies. These are directly supervised by coordinators and teachers and run on a weekly basis. They are intended to provide hands-on experience for our students, especially in an ever-changing world. They help to ignite the leadership, entrepreneurial as well as intellectual skills in every child. Every student is expected to take up a club every session.

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The college has a very rich tradition of music and orchestra and has gone ahead to produce four beautiful CDs in the last couple of years. Every student is encouraged to learn and play an instrument in the club. Our team of music teachers train students in voice grooming, dance, stagecraft, harmonisation, musical instrumentation, sound engineering etc.

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Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Club (STEM)

Christ Ambassadors International College introduces STEM Club,as a part of our commitment to the holistic development of our students. The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Club serves as a vibrant platform for students with a passion for these fields. The STEM Club offers students the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects, workshops, and hands-on activities, gaining practical insights into real-world applications. This enriches their understanding of scientific principles and technological advancements. Our club actively participates in STEM competitions, fostering healthy competition and showcasing the remarkable talents of our members. Our STEM club plays a pivotal role in nurturing a love for inquiry and problem-solving, crucial skills for future success in STEM-related careers.

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Editorial club

This club hones the communication, analytic, imaginative, and writing skills of our young leaders. Students are trained in writing materials/articles for the news, within and without the college. They are also exposed to analysing news content in the dailies and taking critical stances. This club is usually headed by a member of the English Studies Department and supported by at least three other teachers.

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Chess is a beautiful board game that stimulates mental alertness. Students in our Chess Club enjoy the game of chess under the supervision of a certified chess coach and player and are expected to participate in both internal and external competitions. Interested members of the club are expected to provide their own boards and icons. Usually, new and interested comers are carefully taught the basics of the game, while old and seasoned players play against themselves firstly in a random format, and subsequently in a league format.

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Literary/Debate club

This club builds the elocution and self-confidence of its members through well-designed debating and public speaking schemes throughout the term and session. Members often write and discuss burning issues in the country and the world generally, arming them with the latest information and giving them practical insight on how to handle or solve them.

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Drama club

The club provides a practical opportunity for lovers of theatre. Members are taught important components of acting such as learning and mastering lines, script writing, stage confidence, understanding and interpreting emotions/roles, working collaboratively, stage design and costuming, etc. Young dramatists act out scenes from given classroom Literature text or re-enact scenes from selected films or plays written by them or the drama tutor. Drama Club members are usually a significant part of the school drama troupe, and often make presentations during important occasions in the school. Members of this club are usually trained to be confident, have effective communication skills, write, and act their own scripts. The Drama Club is usually coordinated by the teacher of Drama and others.

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The Culinary Arts club

Here, students are exposed to the art of meal planning, cooking, proper nutrition, and table manners. From the baking of cakes, bread and biscuits of all sizes and shapes, to traditional African cuisine and intercontinental dishes, club members enjoy a wide variety of interests in the culinary arts in the hope that a significant majority of them will become great cooks and chefs in the near future. They showcase their skills in the bake sale and money raised is given to a chosen charity.

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Coding and Robotics

This is where Coding and Robotics meet. Coding is simply creating instructions for computers using programming language such as Python. Robotics engender interest in students who wish to build and operate robots. Therefore our well-supervised and resourced Coding and Robotics Club provides a meeting point for students interested in these areas. The coding programme include the creation of games, mobile applications, animations, etc.

Members of the club are usually equipped with the appropriate kits and computers at the very start of the programme and are expected to present their designs (or finished codes and robots) at the end of the session and participate in Coding and Robotics competitions within and outside the school and state. Typically, members of the club will present their “inventions” to the school community during their exhibition exercise.

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